Welcome back dear backers!

It's been almost a month since the last update, which means it's about time for another round of gifs. So buckle up and "read more" to find out what we have been up to.

First and foremost...

Playable from start to finish:

This is probably the biggest news for us!

The game is now playable from the very first level all the way to the last boss. If you are an alpha or beta backer and have been playing the builds up to now, you will be happy to know that all levels have been re-worked in terms of "encounters" and gameplay, so you should go into a somewhat "fresh" experience with the final game.

This means we can now focus on polishing the game, fixing bugs, adding cut-scenes and lore, passing console certifications, optimising the multiplayer, etc. (and after that the digital art-book, the OST, the boxed edition, and much more!)

So the game is not quite finished yet, but we are getting that much closer!

Cameo appearance of our "pixel avatar" backers


It's not quite Cadillac and Dinosaurs, but then we have a minigun



Some of you might remember this scene from the end of our Kickstarter trailer


Lives system:

As Alpha / Beta backers are already aware of, until now players had unlimited lives. This makes testing a lot easier, but it was never intended to be permanent. Our "lives" system is now in place, and here is how it works.

Instead of choosing a single character, you pick three characters out of the six character (seven if you pledged for the backer character) line-up.

When you die, you respawn as the next character you picked. Lose all three characters, and it's game over (well ... it's 2016 after all, so it's really just "reload from the last saved game" ^_^#)

There *is* a way to resurrect dead characters, but you'll have to play the game and *gasp* figure it out for yourself!

Player carrying mechanic:

This was one of the first coop mechanics we teased during the Kickstarter campaign, and oddly enough one of the last ones to be implemented.

As a quick reminder, some enemies in the game have the ability to tear off your arms or even your legs, which greatly reduces your ability to move around.

If that happens, you can crawl to the nearest terminal and purchase new legs or, if you are playing in multiplayer, ask your friend to carry you on his / her back:

If you get a bit creative it can even turn into a proper strategy ^_^

Easter eggs:

Just a quick final note about Easter eggs, today I sent out an email to all our "Easter egg" backers explaining how to proceed etc. If you haven't received your email (it was sent to the address you used on Kickstarter - also check your junk folder!) please feel free to get in touch with me directly at benitosub at hotmail dot com, and I will be happy to forward it to you!

And that's it for this update! As usual thank you so much for your backing and continued support, we are working relentlessly to give you the best pixel-art-twin-stick-shooting experience we possibly can ^_^#



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